3D Modeling and Animation

From an Immature Cocoon To a Colorful Butterfly…

This is exactly what we do to your business!

3D modeling and animations is an exceptional line of attack for presenting your product, brand or services with the aid of moving, talking and interactive presentations. To keep your audience engaged and promote your business, at Meru Studios we offer you with 3D animated models for varied applications be it product modeling, an architectural design, a walk through, building presentations and … just name it!

Our creative technicians are always enthusiastic about creating visual treats highlighting your product with 3D modeling or send clear your message through animated characters. Our practice is to critically analyze and evaluate the outcome before we come out with a presentation thus offering you a flawless unique presentation. Rendering stunning computer aided images, shapes and models, storyboard development, 3D models of props and characters, character animation, movements represented in 3D, digital visual effects and more are our tasks.

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