Mobile Applications

From an Immature Cocoon To a Colorful Butterfly…

This is exactly what we do to your business!

Communication today is in top gear, since communication through internet has become the order of the day and to stay online even on the move in inevitable with personalized functionality, we at Meru Studios develop Mobile Applications software for low-powered handheld devices. We build ingenious and custom made apps making it a strong area for development for added functionality and improved performance of smart phones. Most popular Smartphone's are iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian and processing with different magnitudes that suits an individuals business and personal needs.

We at Meru Studios create value added applications tailor made, exactly to your specific business or personal requirements for enhanced functionality, efficiency and value addition when there arises a need for your standard applications that yields a need for a customization, giving you the extra edge and remotely carry out activities, uninterrupted at your convenience.

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